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This page is designed to give you a little information about myself and also to introduce you to some stuff on the internet I think very interesting, in particular Net Phones. So just jump in to some of these links.

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Live Eye Cams
Mirabilis Ltd. (ICQ)
Vocaltec Home Page
Internet Video Phone
Microsoft NetMeeting
Enhanced CU-SeeMe Home Page
Four 11 Home Page
Totally Yours Home Page
Seattle Film Works

Personal Information


I live with my wife and two kids in the US and have been for the past ten years. However I was born and spent most of my life in Trinidad ,West Indies.

For recreation I love power boating and fishing.

My Family Snapshots-You are welcome to view them
My daughter's homepage-She did it all on her own at the age of 13 years
My Resume-I am not available at the present time
My MP3's-Please note, downloading these files is illegal!
Radio Station-Listen to WASH-FM
Home Surveillance Images-Camera snapshots when motion was detected.
FTP Images-Updated every hour.
Live Cameras-View LIVE SCREAMING VIDEO around my home.
Camera #5-This fifth camera is not always on.
Site Directory-For personal use only.
Addresses-For personal use only.
Data-For personal use only.
Ring Put your mouse on the link to hear a sound

Make a Free Phone call to any where in the United States

If you have comments or suggestions please contact me at ICQ Vin# 324163

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or you may email me at Terrence@Rasul.net

This page was first established on May 11,1997

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